Friday, 30 March 2012

Week 9

Our weekly round up -
  • we have been writing "blue" poems
  • we had a whole school dress up day, we looked amazing :) ( of course!!! )
  • we did some more of our michaelangelo art work - with paint this time
  • We did a mini  unit on dinoaurs with another teacher
  • Mr Kuroda came back to Halswell school awith a famous singer
  • we learned a new game
  • Found out more about insects
  • For buddies we made book and character cubes
  • We had a full school assembly. We dont get to have many assemblies because our hall is still broken from the earthquakes
  • Had a team assembly
  • plus much more....................

Thursday, 29 March 2012

A very special event

After the terrible earthquakes in Christchurch and Japan  Mr Kuroda, a famous artist from Japan, wanted to do something special to bring the children from Christchurch and Japan some happiness.

Last September Mr Kuroda came to Halswell School and worked with a a small group of children on pieces of artwork. Mr Kuroda drew a different bird for each child and then the children coloured it in.  Mr Kuroda took the artwork back to Japan and a group of children from the area hit by the earthquake coloured in the backgroud of the picture. This was such a wonderful experience for the children.

Today Mr Kuroda came back with the finished art work. The art pieces looked amazing.
What very lucky children to have this experience and to now have a piece of art work to keep and also a special link to another children in Japan who have shared similar experiences
This link will show you more about Mr Kuroda.  Switch Magazine - Mr Kuroda
Thank you Mr Kuroda, we really appreciate all you have done.

Art with Mr Kuroda on PhotoPeach Mr Kuroda also had a surprise visitor for us. A very famous Okinawa instrument singer, Ms.Misako Kojya, who is a professional singer, hosting her own concerts in Japan and performing on TV, performed a concert for us. Beautiful music :)

Cute Georgia

Today Mrs Davies came in with Georgia. Georgia is 5 months old now. We all miss Mrs Davies at Halswell School.

Marmite survey

This is a survey from our friends in Dunedin. They would like us to fill out the form so we can compare results.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Book Day

Book Dress up day on PhotoPeach

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Book Day

Book day tomorrow- Who are you dressing up as?
I'm coming as _ _ _ _ _ _     Can you guess who? :)

Clues- pink, farm, talking

Monday, 26 March 2012

Taffy goes bug hunting

 Photos takes from the microscope.

Skyping Edgecumbe School

Today we skyped a year 5 and 6 class at Edgecumbe Primary School.
There are 26 children in their class and they seemed very friendly.
We found out some information about their school and we told them about Halswell School.
We are going to talk to them next week.
It was exciting skyping them.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Week 8!

On Monday Miss Tempero put our Picasso pictures on the wall they they look very good. We also wrote on our blog all about the Marmite shortage we also rang some supermarkets to ask them if they had marmite left.. For lunch Ben had a BLACK GOLD Samdwich  and also took a bite out of it for blog picture.
We are also mini Michaelangalos we taped pieces of paper under our desks they look amazing.
We have been writing explanations, they are hard, but we are getting good.
We were very excited to get some comments on our blog from other schools this week.
Room 19 has been using our microscopes to look at bugs, we have been looking for bugs all over the place.

 by Liam, Connor and Hamish.

Insect Art Work

Today we did some insect topic art work........but we did it a little bit differently. Miss Tempero saw a very cool art idea on a blog, so we copied it.   mini-michelangelos
We looked at Michelangelo's Art work on the Sistine Chapel.His art work is very famous.
Hamish said it was very interesting art work, but Michelangelo must have been very tired doing it for so many years.
Charlotte thought the pictures were pretty and Makenzie thought the art work was amazing.
Max thought it would be very hard to do and also very frustrating.
Michelangelo lay on his back to do the painting on the ceiling.
So thats what we did. We sellotaped paper to the bottom of our desks and drew pictures with our pencils.
Will we use paint???? we will wait and see.... Art work on PhotoPeach

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

How to write a comment.

  1. Read the post.
  2. Start with a greeting  ( hello Room 19, Hi, Bonjour.....)
  3. Comment or make a compliment. (  I like....., Wow, that's great, You have done  a lot of research...)
  4. Maybe ask a question.
  5. Say farewell  ( bye, see you, have a great day....)

Marmite Shortage

 There is a shortage of marmite in New Zealand.
Some people on Trademe are selling Marmite jars for up to $800. One person is selling a jar with only 1/3 of the marmite left for $4.50.
Lots of people love marmite so they are very sad there is a shortage.
There is a shortage of marmite because the factory in Christchurch got damaged in one of the earthquakes. There may not be anymore marmite until July.
Sanitarium, who make the marmite, are telling people to spread it thinly on their toast and sandwiches.
Some people are calling marmite "BLACK GOLD". This is because marmite is black and expensive just like gold.

Four brave people rang four Christchurch supermarkets to ask if they still have marmite left in their shops -
  Ben rang Halswell New World - They have been sold out since last Friday.
Hamish rang Riccarton Countdown - They have no marmite left and people were buying more than one jar yesterday.
Charlotte rang Morehouse Ave Pack and Save - They don't have any marmite left anymore. They did have some yesterday.

Nivae rang Barrington Fresh Choice - They have no more marmite left. They haven't had any marmite more a few days

This is Ben eating a "BLACK GOLD" sandwich

we wonder if...
  1.   people will start eating vegemite instead of marmite? 
  2.  What will people eat instead of marmite?
  3. Will marmite cost more when they start to make it again?
 Please send us a comment or answer our poll about marmite.