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Week 5 - Siena, Lachie, Sullivan, Chloe, Maia

Week 6 - Kate, Mila, Brooklyn, Max, Michael,Claudia,

Week 7 - Katie, Georgie, Zoe, Taffy, Chayse , Darren

Week 8 - Cailtin, , Callaghan, , Charlie, Ameya, George


Wednesday 13th November - Topic: Kidsedchatnz Birthday

This week's topic for Kidsedchatnz is based around Kidsedchatnz's one year Birthday. Check out the questions!

Q1. Today is Kidsedchatnz 1st birthday party, could you please leave Kidsedchatnz a birthday message?

Q2. Today we are celebrating Kidsedchatnz's birthday, why do you think it is important to celebrate birthdays?

Q3. What was your favourite birthday party? Why was it special?

Q4. How are you celebrating Kidsedchatnz's birthday? Can you tweet a picture of your party?

Q5. Kidsedchatnz has been going for 1 year, how long have you been taking part in it? Tell us about your experience?

Q6. Do you enjoy taking part in Kidsedchatnz? Why do you like it?

Q7. Is there anything you would like to change about Kidsedchatnz? What topics would you like to have in the future?

Q8. Join us in singing happy birthday for Kidsedchatnz! Tweet a picture or recording of your singing!

Q1. What kind of art do you like and why?

Q2. What is one thing you have learnt in the Arts this year?

Q3. What materials have you used to create your artwork this year? What is your favourite material and why?

Q4. What do you think has been your best piece of artwork this year and why?

Q5. What stories have you told with your artwork? What is one kind of art special to your culture?

Q6. Can you share with us any digital art resources/app/websites that you use?

Wednesday 23rd October - Topic: Sports

This week's topic for Kidsedchatnz is Sports and has been generated by @VardonRoom7. Haven't they done a great job? I can't wait to talk about my favourite subject! Here's the questions!

Q1. Do you like sport? Why or why not?

Q2. What sport skills have you learnt at school?

Q3. What has been the most important sport skills you have learnt and why?

Q4. What sports teams does your school have?

Q5. What is the most popular sport at your school?

Q6. Are you part of a sports team? Why or why not?

Q7. Who is your favourite sports person and why?

Wednesday 16th October - Topic: Books

This week's topic for Kidsedchatnz is Books. Check out the questions!

Q1. Do you like/dislike books? How often do you read?

Q2. Are books important? Why do people read them?

Q3. Tell us about your favourite book and why do you like it?

Q4. Books provide us with lots of new information, can you share with us something you have learnt from a book?

Q5. Can you please share with us any on-line/digital books that you like?

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