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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Chess competition - Darren and Max went to a schools competition today

Max, Darren, Tinashe and Mason

Max and Darren during a chess game at a tournament

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Our Super Hero Powers

Super Heroes on PhotoPeach

Super Hero Day

Whole School Assembly - Kids Can fundraiser

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Christchurch Quake Memorial Vandalism

In Christchurch there is a memorial of 185 white chairs to remember the people who died in the earthquakes. This is a very special memorial to remember such a tragic happening.

In The Press today there is a very upsetting article.

Some people have stolen and or vandalised some of the chairs. :( :(
Kate - I am very disappointed that people would do that.
Mila - I am not happy that people would be that selfish to steal chairs that are there to remember people. I don't like bullies
Luke - I am very sad people did that.
Callaghan - I hate people who have stolen the chairs or have done graffiti on the chairs, it makes me feel worse. When will they stop?
Katie - I am not happy that people did this. I wish they hadn't done this, it is such a special place of chairs.
Chayse- I am not happy that people did this just for fun and stealing
Chloe - I am very disapointed and not happy that people stole these special chairs.
Sullivan - It is very disappointing that people did graffiti on the chairs. It was disrespectful.
Georgie - I am upset because the chairs are there for a special reason and the people should be disappointed in themselves.
Ameya - I am disappointed because I dont like people stealing things and the chairs were there for a special reason
Siena - I am upset because I know someone who died in the earthquake. It is very rude to do such a thing
Sam - Its believable that people would do this to our city and they they should be punished
Darren - I am angry at the people who did this. They need to be punished and deserve to go to prison.

Friday, 2 August 2013


Custom Glitter Text

Today is very sad because Charlotte is leaving Halswell School and is moving to Blenheim to live.
We will really miss Charlotte.
Charlotte is-
friendly    helpful   good friend   has a lovely smile   generous   kind   supportive  sporty   nice.....
We hope Charlotte has a great time in Blenheim and we know she will make lots of new friends .



Last Friday George went Skiing at Mt Hutt with his family.
Sadly George had an accident.
  • firstly they went to the medical center at Mt Hutt
  • because the injury was bad the WESTPAC HELIPCOPTER service was called to take George to Christchurch hospital.
  • It took 25 minutes to get to the hospital
  • George thought it was fun in the helicopter because it was so high up and he could see lots of things
  • Georges mum went with him in the helicopter
  • At the hospital they put stitches in the big cut on his arm and bandaged it all up
  • The arm was xrayed
  • George still wants to go skiing again....but not for a while!
"They took fab care of our wee boy and George has given thank you cards, hand made, to the crew, the Mt Hutt medical team, the A and E team and mums orthopaedic colleague who sutured his wound soo nicely.
George made a lovely banana cake for the Westpac helicopter paramedics which they loved. They said sadly only less than 10 percent of rescued patients ever come and say thank you to them. We wish everyone would donate to them for all their amazing work they do.. "

Westpac Helicopter website
 George says the helicopter people were really nice to him and they even gave him a toy helicopter.
Room 19 says - "Thank you for rescuing George and keeping him safe"