Tuesday, 13 August 2013



  1. To 9plus10
    I really like your wordle about gymnastics because it is colourful and it has lots of interesting words.
    What has been the hardest thing to learn in gymnastics.
    From Trinity (Vardon School)

  2. To 9 plus 10
    You must be having fun doing gymnastics. In Room 9 we also do gymnastics. We do cartwheels,forward rolls and spider walks to learn how to do a handstand.
    What has been your favourite thing to learn in gymnastics and why?
    From Amelia (Vardon Room 9)

  3. To 9 plus 10
    Are you having fun doing your gymnastics?
    We also do gymnastics we also did dance groups and competed against other schools in the gymsport dance competition. I was in the Inspiring Hip Hoppers and we came second.
    From Oliver (Vardon Room 9)

  4. To 9 plus 10

    Do you like gymnastics & are you having fun? What you have done up there is fantastic I just want to make one right now since that is so awesome & wicked. Can you tech me how to make one?

    From Kayley,
    Vardon School, Room 9