Thursday, 28 February 2013

mum flipped the pancake but by Darren

mum flipped the pancake but by George

mum flipped the pancake but by Sam

mum flipped the pancake but by maia

mum flipped the pancake but by Max

mum flipped the pancake but by Luke

mum flipped the pancake but by Georgie

mum flipped the pancake but by Charlotte

mum flipped the pancake but by Katie

mum flipped the pancake but by Lachie

mum flipped the pancake but by Caitlin

Mum flips the pancakes by Mila

Mum flipps the pancakes by Charlie

DAILY 5 We are A M A Z I N G

Here we are Reading to Self, Writing and Listening to someone read.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

first bedroom picture

I wonder who sleeps here?????

New Topic

Our new topic is called  A LIFE LIKE MINE. Today we matched up bedrooms with people from other countries. Here are a few of the pictures we looked at.

A Challenge -  Your challenge is to take a photo of your bedroom, email it to me and then we can try to match up the bedrooms with people in our class. Photos by Monday please.

mum flipped the pancake but by Siena

mum flipped the pancake but by Chloe

mum flipped the pancake but by claudia

mum flipped the pancake.. by Taffy

mum flipped the pancake up By brooklyn

mum flipped the pancake but by Ameya

mum flipped the pancake up By Zoe

mum flipped the pancake up By Kate

Friday, 22 February 2013

Earthquake memorial day

Two years ago on February 22 2011 at 12.51 a huge earthquake hit Christchurch. It changed our lives. These are some of our memories and feelings of that day.
  • there was water and liquefaction coming up all over the field
  • lots of people were crying and screaming 
  • my mum and dad were in the CBD
  • the teachers were calling our our names to make sure we were all safe
  • we had to get under the tables, it was really scary. The heaters above me were swaying so much I thought they would fall down
  • A lot of people were scared and crying at school, so I helped people fee better
  • The power got cut off and I had a few days without power and water
  • I had to use a bucket for a toilet for a few days - I was scared it would tip over!!!
  • Parts of the playground fell down where I was
  • When I got home my house was on a big angle
  • A few people got hurt at school
  • When I got home just about everything had fallen over
  • My bed tipped over
  • I was on the playground when it happened. I was scared and I had problems getting down and then stepped into liquefaction.
  • I had to sleep on the floor on a matress for a long time after the quake
  • My mum came to school to save me
  • My mirror fell off the wall and smashed
  • I was terrified waiting for my mum and dad to get me. They were stuck in traffic and it took them along time to get to school
  • I was pertrified
  • I felt scared waiting for my mum to mum and get me from school, I didnt know where she was

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Our Year 3 / 4 fabulous team

Daily 5


Today our whole team did READ TO SELF together. 150 children and there was silence!!
Check out the video and photo

Monday, 11 February 2013

Wasp Nest

Toady at lunchtime some children got stung by some wasps. The duty teacher found a wasp nest in the garden. Mr Topham called a man to come and make it safe - a pest exterminator.
The pest exterminator put down some white powder so the wasps will go away.
The man has lots of protective gear on to stop the wasps stinging him.

 If you look carefully, you can see the white powder. It is on the wasp nest.

Friday, 8 February 2013

New Mats


We are now using Twitter in the class. Children will have the opportunity to tweet messages some days. The tweets will have a focus and will begin with one of the three sentence starters below....

  • Today I have learnt.....
  • Today I tried.....
  • My biggest success today.......


Today we had BUDDIES.  They are year 7 and 8 children. Our buddy class is also doing Daily 5. Here is a video of us looking at each others book boxes/bags and talking about what we know about Daily 5.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Daily 5

Today was our second day of building our stamina for READING TO SELF.
Things we noticed-
  • everyone was sitting still
  • there was no noise
  • we built our stamina up to 4 minutes - our first go only lasted 5 seconds!!
  • no one was looking around the room
  • our bodies were silent
  • we got started straight away
We did really well today :)

Questions about YOU

Room 19, I would like you to fill out this form for me. If you need help please ask :)

Monday, 4 February 2013

Room 19 2013

25 fabulous children

The lovely new children coming into Room 19 next year