Spelling City
Spelling for the Year 3 and 4 team will start in Week 3 (13 February).
This year all our spelling lists will be  published online through Spelling City.
This is to cater for individual needs, learning styles and also to avoid lists and booklets being lost.
Through Spelling City, your child will be able to test themselves, learn how to spell words and reinforce their spelling skills through games and activities.
Child will be grouped according to testing and will be allocated a list to concentrate on. We have also created  “commonly misspelt” lists that all children can use. Although many of the words may look easy in the misspelt list, these words are often written incorrectly in school work and do require practice and reinforcement.

Misspelt words 1
Misspelt words 2
Misspelt words 3
Spell-Write List 1
Spell-Write List 2
Spell-Write List 3
Spell-Write List 4
Spell-Write List 5
Spell-Write 6
Spell=Write List 7
Spell-Write List 8
Spell-Write List 9a
Spell-Write List 9b


  1. i like spelling city

    1. I love spelling city because you lern a lot and it is fun.

  2. Hi its just me (Siena) i was just having a look on the blog when i thought i might put a comment on the blog so idlike to say i think that spelling city is awsome and you learn how to spell lots of words.

  3. me to its good hey

  4. Hello I think that too!