Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Have a great holiday.


This year our ACTIVE winners, as voted for by the class, are -
Year 3 - Max Ladley
Year 4 - Ella Clark

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

To Room 19
What a special class you have been. You are all amazing children and should be proud of the work you have done this year.
Some of my highlights for the year have been -
- Art Gallery Murals
- Ancient Greece work
- Art Work
- year 4 children's movie on Ancient Greece - and becoming finalists in the MADE Awards
- being runner up in the Interface Best Class Blog awards
- and of course working with 27 amazing children :)

Year 4's - you are all amazing children and I will miss you next year. I love seeing your smiles every day. You must come back to see me next year.

Year 3's - I look forward to all the exciting things we will do next year as a class.

Maddie - we will miss you at Halswell School next year. I know you will do very well at your new school and everyone will be wanting to be your friend.

As you all said at the end of our STOMP
Merry Christmas Everyone

Monday, 17 December 2012

Our Favourite memories of 2012

Gemma - I enjoyed working together as a class on the Ancient Greece posters. We got them done because we worked as a team and there is no "I" in team.
Cooper - I liked it when the South Learning Centre cane to our school and they taught us to use Ipads.
Ella - My favourite activity this year was painting the big murals in the Art Centre.
Molly - I liked it best when Emily , from the Art Gallery, can and we did the bird art work.
Sam - My favourite thing this year was going to Willowbank because I liked all the activities we did about the animals.
Max - My favourite thing this year was sewing the heart decorations.
Kate - My favourite thing for this year was going to the Art Centre and painting the murals.
Connor - My favourite thing this year was painting the murals for the Art Centre.
Louis - Going to Willowbank was my favourite thing this year.
Georgia - I liked the Art Gallery activity when we painted the birds.
Luke - My favourite thing this year was learning about Ancient Greece, especially finding out about schools.
Catlin - I really liked going to our team assemblies .
Charlotte - I liked doing the painting at the Art Centre and painting the mural.
Harvey - I liked the Cross Country the best because we got lots of exercise.
Maia - Sports - our team sports sessions playing basketball.
Nivae - I liked it when the men came and took us for tennis.
Sullivan - Sport - I liked playing soccer the best.
Jack - Making the Ancient Greece movie.
Hamish - My favourite thing this year was going to the zone sports for Athletics.
Siena - My favourite activity was sewing the hearts for the Christmas tree.
Maddie -My favourite activity was going to Willowbank.
Liam - My favourite thing was doing bread making this year.
Ben - Sport was my favourite activity .
Makenzie - My favourite activity was painting the murals at the Art Centre.
Rose - My favourite activity was Ancient Greece and making the posters.
Darren - My favourite activity was making the birds with the Art Gallery  .

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The fame continues...

Makenzie was staring in THE PRESS this morning.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

We are famous on the Art Gallery blog

Links - 
Mural work
Art work with Susie

Room 19 STOMPS

Here is our video of our STOMP performance today.  We were awesome!!!!

Photos from our Art Centre mural painting day

We are also in THE PRESS

We also feature on The PRESS on line. 
click here-

We are on CTV news

Our part of the broadcast starts about 06.22 and goes through for approx 4 minutes 
click on this link -
Room 19 on CTV news

Monday, 10 December 2012


Today Room 19 had the privilege of contributing to the re-start of the Art Centre.
Last week, Susie, from the Art Gallery, came out and helped us plan and draw murals about what we can remember from the Art Centre prior to the earthquakes. We included pictures of the sculptures, buildings, tram, jugglers and lots more.
 Some lovely Art Gallery workers then transferred our art work onto large pieces of wood (220cm by 120cm)
Today we travelled into the Art Centre and painted the murals. It took us from 10 o'clock until 2.30 to get everything finished. Firstly we painted all the bigger areas of colour and then the smaller areas and then finally we used black paint and very small paint brushes to add detail. Then just like true artists we signed our names on the murals.
  Even though we all had painting shirts on there seemed to be quite  a lot of paint on clothes, legs, shoes and some even made it to faces!!!! 
A big thank you to all the wonderful parent helpers and Will Perkins, your painting ability was quite good! :)
The 8 murals will be displayed in the Art Centre Market Square for everyone to see. 

A BIG THANK YOU to Susie, (we love working with you), and the Art Gallery workers for all your hard work drawing our pictures out on to the wood.
Another BIG THANK YOU to Andre, Arts Centre CEO, for letting us come in and for the water bottles and ice blocks.

We are very proud to be part of the re-start of the Art Centre and proud of our art work.

It was such an exciting day and we will be even more excited when we see ourselves on CTV and in The Press. Woo Hoo !

Friday, 7 December 2012

Today we voted for the Year 3 and Year 4 ACTIVE person in Room 19.
 Who is it..... 

Orkut Scrap Toys