Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Class Dojo

Today we are beginning to use Class Dojo.
I wonder who will get points ?



  1. Cool looking characters!!! From Rochelle

  2. To 9plus10 (does that mean your room is 19? :)

    We have Class Dojo as well!
    It helps us learn because we can work hard to get points. We get to choose a reward when we get 10 points.
    Do you like Class Dojo? Do you get rewards?

    From Room 7
    Vardon School
    Your quadblogging NZ buddies

  3. To 9plus10
    Hi my name Chloe. I'm from room 7 Vardon school Nz.
    Hi Chloe my name is Chloe too.
    What do you like about class Dojo?
    From Chloe Room7
    Vardon school NZ

  4. Hi 9 plus 10
    My name is Zoe from vardon school. I'm suprised because in your class you have a Zoe! My name is Zoe! I have been to Christchurch becuase I was born in Christchurch.
    from Zoe

  5. To 9 plus 10
    My name is Jade from room7 Hamilton, NZ. Hi Jade, I'm Jade from Hamilton. Is there a chloe and zoe ?
    from jade
    room7 nz vardon shool .

  6. Hi 9 plus 10, I know nothing about Class Dojo and I would be very interested to know more about it. Is it alot of work for your teacher? What are the best things about it for you students? Please tell me more. Mrs O'Connell (R4 teacher, Lawrence Area School)

  7. hi 9plus10 my name is jake and i learn at st.Johns kearsly im in year 4 , we do class dojo two why dont you come and look at our blog at http://www.st-johns-kearsley.bolton.sch.uk/Pages/default.aspx