Thursday, 7 March 2013

New School foundations

Yesterday we had a visitor - Ed, Max's dad. He was here to have a look at a new drilling method.
There are lots of machines and people digging holes in our field. They are trying out new testing methods of foundations.
Ed told us -
  • they are looking for the hardest layer in the ground to put the foundations on   
  • this is so if there is another big earthquake the liquefaction wont come up through the concrete
  • they are going to make the foundations thicker so hopefully the concrete wont crack during an earthquake
  • cement is made out of limestone, you have to stir it up in a machine
  • some of the men testing the ground were looking at graphs about how hard the ground was and how many large shakes it would take to move it
  • School foundations are harder than house foundations
  • they are mixing the cement with the dirt from in the ground
  • the holes are 5 m deep
  • they are using a rotary mixing head 
  • when they were using the rotary mixing head mixer water and silt was bubbling up
  • steam was coming off the rotary mixer because it was going so fast 


  1. That is great information - I learnt alot from that! This is a very exciting time for you guys to be a part of building a new school - I can't wait to see the outcome! From Rochelle Hannah-Evans

  2. Thanks Dad for coming in to tell us some more about the foundations. from Max