Sunday, 28 July 2013

Welcome back to term 3

Welcome back to term 3 everyone, I hope you have had a fabulous holiday.

There have been a few changes over the holidays - 
  • a new , temporary, building is now ready for the teachers to use for a staffroom. The old one will be knocked down soon.
  • the original Halswell School tree has been cut down, sad but it wasn't in good condition
  • I think, fingers crossed, the foundations for our new school might be started this week - yey
Whats happening this term:
  • We start gymnastics this week. 
  • Art Gallery visit from Susie. We will be using clay this time
  • A trip to _________________. This will be so exciting, I cant wait.
  • Year 4's doing more work on their blogs
  • Using the touch table
  • Participating in "Flick it on" 
  • Made Awards???
  • Enjoying our new furniture
  • Plus everything else we usually do.........
A busy, but exciting term.

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  1. Wow - sounds an exciting term!!!!!! From Chloe's mum