Tuesday, 22 October 2013

NSW fires

Amazing firefighters saving animals


  1. To 9plus10
    I think this picture is interesting because the man is feeding a koala. and I wounder what CFA means?

    From Tawhiao (Room 9 Vardon)

  2. Hello Room 9 plus 10
    Cool photos I know how that happened it hasn't been raining for so long and a bush caught on fire and it spread.
    What do you know about the fires?
    From (Jacob) Room 9

  3. To 9plus10
    Luckily the fireman saved the koala.
    That is really sad :(
    The fires must be bad.
    I wonder how many helicopters they needed to put it out?
    I wonder how long it took to put out one fire?
    From (Rico Room 9 Vardon School)

  4. To Room 9 plus 10
    The picture of the koala is really cool and interesting. What do you like about koalas? What have you learnt about the Australia fires?
    From Ella (Room 9 Vardon)

  5. To 9 plus 10
    Do you know how many koala bears are left? When did the fire happen? That is so sad that their was a fire in Australia.
    From Eva (Room 9 Vardon)

  6. Hello,
    We are very happy they have been saving the animals
    I wonder how many different types of animals have saved?

    from Kate and Maia :) Byebye

  7. I like the picture is it real from Lanie quad blogging buddy lawence area school.