Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Collaborating with a school in America

9-9 Skype Marathon

We will be skyping at 10 oclock. 
Questions we will be focusing on are - 
What is great about your classroom community?
How do you build community in your classroom?
eg activities that you do at the beginning of the year to build community
Why is community important to your class?

Do you have classroom rules - who makes them?
What kind of classroom expectations do you have?

What do you think a successful classroom community looks like?
What do you to do maintain the sense of community in your class as you go through the year?

How do  you create community as a school?
What kind of community events does your school have 


  1. Hi
    We are so excited that we are going to Skye a school in America.It is going to be so munch fun.
    From Lachie and Siena

  2. it is going to be real cool and to Skype the america school what time will it be in america when we Skype them? from sam:)