Friday, 31 May 2013

9-9 Skyping today

Today we were part of a Skype marathon.
The things we found out-

  • ·         Great opportunity for us and its amazing we got to join in
  • ·         Their community was similar to ours
  • ·         Playground on the roof
  • ·         12 people in their class and there school is 10 yrs old
  • ·         Connection wasn’t very clear
  • ·         Creative thinking
  • ·         Liked the subject about community
  • ·         Their community ( country) is bigger than ours
  • ·         Not many schools  in NZ got to skype
  • ·         5A was very organised
  • ·         Both classes learned new information
  • ·         They worked together to ask questions and we worked together to answer their questions
  • ·         So much to learn about community
  • ·        They Showed us pictures.
  • ·         5A formed a new skype community
  • ·         They have some of the same sports as us
  • ·         They don’t know how to play netball
  • ·         We liked the same foods
  • ·         5A came up with very good questions and we had to think about the answers
  • ·         We have had similar experiences with disasters hurricane / earthquake


  1. Hi its Charlotte here when we did the Skype on Friday it was really fun because I had never skyped people in America that's why I didn't talk but my uncle skyped me from Australia and I talked to him for a long time. But I was at my grandmas house .
    from charlotte room19

  2. I really like skypeing newyork it was so fun by chayse