Sunday, 2 June 2013

New Zealand Schools Time Lapse Project

13 New Zealand Schools from the North Island, South Island as well as correspondence students from overseas have shared their day through the use of time lapse cameras. Created from a collaboration of teachers over Twitter it shows the creativity and diversity of schooling in New Zealand.
 The movie has been spliced together from over 25 minutes of film, so it is heavily edited, many scenes are sped up between 2 and 8 times and there may be a Directors Cut or Extended Edition to surface one day. 


  1. hi Sam here it look's real cool I think some were a bet to fast that you can't see what they are doing but I think the one that is the best is the one by room 19 at halswell school because I think they put a real big I effort in to it and because they are the best class in the universe from Sam :)

  2. I like the time lapse because we are in it. from georgia.