Monday, 24 June 2013


Last night the moon was a "super moon", it rarely happens.
The moon travels around the Earth, but sometimes it gets closer than normal.
It was 14% bigger than normal and also brighter.
It had a small effect on tides, making them a few cm higher than normal.

A NASA video about the SUPERMOON - 
we have listened to this video and here are some exciting facts we didn't know -
  • there could have been lots of planets colliding and breaking up and that may have created the moon.
  • there is ice on the moon
  • in some of the craters there are boulders the size of AMI stadium - thats huge!
  • the moon is actually a lot bigger than i thought
  • they take topography pictures  - the shape of the land 

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  1. That moon was amazing!!!! Chloe taught me a lot about the moon! From Rochelle ��